jascon 4 tugboat sinks chevron

Image: West African Ventures

Update: A statement from West African Ventures has confirmed that one crew member, the cook, was found alive aboard the Jascon 4 by divers, which has capsized but not sank. A search is still underway for any remaining survivors.

Statement from West African Ventures:

Further to previous reports made on the incident of our anchor handling tug Jascon 4, which sunk while on static tow of a tanker 15 Nm offshore Escravos, Nigeria on Sunday 26 report that divers have found and identified one survivor, Mr. Okene Harrison.

He was the Vessel’s cook and of Nigerian nationality.

Mr. Harrison was medically examined and he is currently in a stable condition and under treatment on board the diving support vessel.

Jan Messchendorp, General Manager of West African Ventures commented: “We are very grateful for the survival of Mr. Harrison. We express our sincere gratitude to our divers for their outstanding performance and their inexhaustible efforts made so far. Our thoughts continue to be with the families of the rest of the crew”.

The search and rescue operation will continue until all crew members are accounted for and we are in the meantime offering all support possible to the families of the missing crew members. We have also commenced a full investigation into the cause of the incident.

reuters logoABUJA, May 28 (Reuters) – Twelve crew members are missing after a Chevron contracted tug boat sank on Sunday due to rough seas off the coast of Nigeria, the ship’s owner said on Tuesday.

The Jascon-4 capsized early on Sunday due to “heavy ocean swells” while the vessel was “performing towing operations” at a mooring point around 30 kilometres off oil-producing Delta state, Chevron’s Nigeria unit said on Sunday.

“Unfortunately all twelve crew members are still missing,” a spokeswoman for the ship’s owner West African Ventures said.

“Rescue operations involving sea divers are still ongoing and a full investigation into the incident is taking place,” she said. West African Ventures is owned by Sea Trucks Group.

Chevron Nigeria declined to give an update.

Chevron’s operates offshore and onshore joint ventures with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corp and spends around $3 billion a year on its Nigerian operations, the company says.

The U.S. energy firm’s 2012 net daily production from Nigeria was 238,000 barrels of crude oil, 165 million cubic feet of natural gas and 4,000 barrels of liquefied petroleum gas.

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  • Ackron

    Miraculous News :
    1 Survivor found.
    So far 4 bodies found.
    Rescue operations continue on.

  • Sammy

    The late rescue response causes the death of the crew, Chevron screw up they only preach safety but they don’t practice it.

    • Jerry Gav

      Are you surprised Sammy? They are an Illuminati-run corporation!

    • Monique

      Seems that the expert sits home behind to window??

      • MotherFucker

        Yeah, behind “Windows 7″…buhahaha!

    • Jerry Gav

      Chevron Illuminati-run…? Hardly!

  • Ricardo

    Heavy weather…. Why the Capt. and crew didn´t use proper SMS tools as Talk box talk, JSEA, Risk assessment, Stop Work Authority etc…fear to the charter… or fault company support ????????

  • Hope Wright

    This is good news that some of the crew have been found, but why did it take so long? How could it have capsized in “heavy weather” off Nigeria? I hope you will do a follow-up. No USCG over there to investigate the cause or lay the blame!

    • Eaglos

      WHAT?? You Americans are dangerous! Who do you think you are? “No uscg over there”…damn guys stop being so cocky!

    • Rigmover

      Good news,cook is alive

  • Rigmover

    A proper investigation should be carried out to ascertain the cause of the incident,I believe the Mooring Master will be of great help as he is supposed to be in charge of such operations

  • Omolara Tunde

    Thanks for sharing. This is the only website with recent updates of this accident. Please any further updates? My cousin is an engineer on this boat and no news has been received from the company or Chevron. The entire family is in the dark.
    Please, I appeal to any one in this forum to share any new information on survivors

  • http://opotunite MIGUEL DUEÑAS

    navigator’m looking for work I have the experience and ability to shape for any
    situation that arises at sea I have knowledge of spill petrolio

    • Shipping Magnate, Geneva CH

      Miguel….if you were aboard the Jascon could you have avoided what happened there…?

  • Matthew

    WAKE UP CALL!!!.I think this is a wake- up call to Nigerian’s ability to rescue Lives at sea and also attracts the support from the companies that opperates at sea nationwide.Nigeria should be capable to save lives of men at sea.long sail COOK!.MAY THERE SOULS REST IN PEACE.

  • http://none wilfred longden

    i dont know if anybody has seen it but there is one survivor off this vessel and probably they left the engine room hatches open vessel listed and took water

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