ONI Issues Maritime Warning for the Indian Ocean

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Via the US Office of Naval Intelligence: The following is a maritime warning for mariners operating in the Gulf of Oman, North Arabian Sea, Gulf of Aden, and the Bab el Mandeb regions. Be advised, elevated regional tensions have increased the risk of potential maritime attacks being conducted by extremists. Vessels at anchor, operating in restricted maneuvering environments, … [Read more...]

Monsoon Will Likely Keep Pirates at Bay in Indian Ocean [PIRACY UPDATE]

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It was a mixed bag of pirate activity around the world this past week and fortunately, nobody was captured or injured due to pirate activity.  Here's the latest update from the US Office of Naval Intelligence for the week of 28 June 2012...  ECUADOR: Container Ship was boarded on 02 July at 02:33 S - 080:06 W 25 nm South West of Guayaquil, Ecuador. Two speed boats with six … [Read more...]

Weekly Piracy Update: Missing in West Africa

HOA Pirate Activity, 26 April – 2 May

Summary of Incidents by Region: APR 26 - MAY 2 RED SEA RED SEA: Bulk Carrier was approached while underway on 29 April at 13:16 N – 042:55 E, Bab El Mandeb Straits, Red Sea. Four skiffs approached the bulk carrier underway at 20 knots. The ship raised alarm and sounded the ship's horn; all non-essential crewmembers mustered in the citadel. All four skiffs stopped … [Read more...]

Piracy Update: Fishing Vessel Hijacked, Arabian Sea Remains Sketchy

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The following is the summary of global piracy for the week of 19-25 April and weekly piracy warning, via Office of Naval Intelligence. YEMEN: Fishing vessel hijacked on 21 April underway at 15:20 N - 052:12 E 17nm South of Ras Fartak, Yemen. Somalia pirates hijacked a fishing vessel and two of her skiffs underway. (IMB) INDONESIA: Bulk carrier boarded on 20 April … [Read more...]

Weekly Piracy Report: All Quiet on The Eastern Front… Almost

HOA Pirate Activity, 12 – 18 April

Weekly Incident by Region: April 12-18 WEST AFRICA TOGO: Bulk carrier experienced an attempted boarding on 4 April at 06:01 N – 001:17 E, 7 nm southeast of Lome. Four robbers in a boat attempted to board the anchored bulk carrier. The duty crew raised the alarm and the robbers aborted the attempt. (IMB) TOGO: Tanker boarded at anchor on 4 April at 05:58 N – … [Read more...]

Weekly Piracy Update: Gulf of Oman and Indonesia Heating Up

HOA Pirate Activity, 5 – 11 April

Weekly Incidents by Region - APR 5-11 INDIAN OCEAN-EAST AFRICA GULF OF OMAN: General Cargo Vessel was attacked and boarded on 6 April 16 nm southwest of Bandar-e-Jask, Iran at position 25:28N – 057:32E. Armed pirates attacked and boarded the underway vessel. The vessels Master alerted the crew by raising the alarm and the crew mustered in citadel. The pirates took … [Read more...]

Weekly Piracy Update: Raise the Alarm!

HOA Pirate Activity, 29 March – 4 April

Weekly Incidents by Region: MAR 29 - APR 4 WEST AFRICA TOGO: Petroleum products tank experienced an attempted boarding on 4 April while anchored at position 06:05 N - 001:15 E, Lome Anchorage. Ten robbers in a boat came alongside and attempted to board the ship. Alert duty officer raised alarm and informed Togo Navy authorities and directed the search light towards the boat … [Read more...]