Weekly Piracy Report – BMP Proves Successful in Indian Ocean

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March 15, 2012

Monthly Incidents by Region – MARCH 8–14


DEM.REP.CONGO: Refrigerated Cargo Ship boarded on 124 March while anchored at 05:51 S – 013:03 E, Boma Anchorage. Ten robbers in two boats boarded the ship took duty crewman hostage; they attempted to enter the forward cargo hold by breaking the hatch seal. They later escaped with ship’s cargo and stores stolen from the ship. The duty crewman was slightly injured during the attack. Port control called but no reply was received. (IMB)

INDIAN OCEAN: Container carrier attacked on 11 March while underway near position 13:09 N – 057:56 E, approximately 210 nm east-northeast of Socotra Island, Yemen. Five pirates in a skiff doing 22 knots chased and fired upon the ship which was steaming at 21 knots. Pirates closed to the port quarter of the vessel and fired a rocket propelled grenade towards the bridge. Master increased speed, initiated other anti-piracy measures and mustered the crew in safe of the ship. After 20 minutes of chasing the ship, the pirates aborted the attack and moved away. (IMB)


INDONESIA: Fishing vessel boarded on 11 March while anchored at 06:01 S – 106:53 E, Tanjung Priok Outer Anchorage. Robbers entered the engine store room. The duty oiler on routine rounds spotted the robbers and raised the alarm. Upon hearing the alarm, the robbers escaped with the stolen ship property. Port control informed. (IMB)

Piracy Weather Forecast for MARCH 15–21

Pirate Skiff Capability (Graphic courtesy of the Naval Oceanographic Office Warfighting Support Center)

GULF OF ADEN: Moderate conditions will persist throughout the period. Expect easterly winds of 5 – 10 knots and seas of 1 – 3 feet. EXTENDED FORECAST: Easterly winds of 5 – 10 knots, increasing to 10 – 15 knots by 20 March, with seas 1 – 3 feet, increasing to 2 – 4 feet by 21 March.

SOMALI COAST: The northeast monsoon flow off the Somali coast continues to produce moderate to severe impacts in the area and during the late March and April timeframe, which is the transition season. Expect conditions to improve during the transition season, with northeasterly winds 10 – 15 knots and seas of 2 – 4 feet. EXTENDED FORECAST: Winds will maintain northeasterly speed of 10 – 15 knots, and seas of 2 – 4 feet.

NORTH ARABIAN SEA: Southwesterly winds 5 – 10 knots and seas of 1 – 3 feet. EXTENDED FORECAST: Southwesterly winds of 5 – 10 knots, becoming northerly 8 – 13 knots by 20 March, with seas of 1 – 3 feet, increasing to 5 – 7 feet by 20 March.

CENTRAL AFRICAN COAST/INDIAN OCEAN: Residual swell waves from the southern Somali Basin region continue to impact area but overall conditions will remain marginal, with northeasterly winds 5 – 10 knots and seas of 2 – 4 feet. EXTENDED FORECAST: Small boat operations off the Tanzania and Kenyan coast will have

Via U.S. Office of Naval Intelligence, Maritime OPINTEL Report

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