WATCH: Crane Operator Saves Supply Vessel from Capsizing

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 3.04.23 PM

An offshore crane operator just may have saved this supply vessel from capsizing. As you can see, the offshore supply vessel is listing severely before another vessel's shipboard crane swoops in and grabs some of the shifting cargo. From the looks of it, it just may have worked. According to the uploader this video was shot offshore Brazil and the vessel is the fast supply … [Read more...]

Port of Algeciras Gets Some Really, Really Big Cranes

ISS Assist Complex Algeciras Super Crane Installation-1

This photo comes from Inchcape Shipping Services, which was recently hired to handle the arrival and offloading of 4 of the world’s largest ship-to-shore cranes at the port of Algeciras, located on the southern tip Spain along Strait of Gibraltar. The 100-meter tall cranes arrived fully assembled from China aboard the heavy lift ship Zhen Hua 25 and had to be unloaded at … [Read more...]

View from Above: Donjon’s Chesapeake 1000 Crane Barge

crane barge

Meow Man brings us an evening fly-by of Donjon Marine's Chesapeake 1000 crane barge. The 1972-built barge has a lifting capacity of 1,000 short tons at 63' maximum radius fenders to hook. DIMENSIONS Length: 191' 2" Breadth: 101' 2" Depth: 20' 1" Tonnage (Gross):    2,484 GRT Tonnage (Net): 2,415 NRT Draft … [Read more...]

Heerema Looks to Build World’s Largest Crane Vessel

huisman semi-submersible crane barge

Need to pick up something extraordinarily heavy while floating in the middle of the ocean and then placing it somewhere with extreme precision? There are a number of large, semi-submersible crane barges on the high seas these days, such as the Thialf or the Saipem 7000, which have accomplished impressive offshore installation jobs, however Dutch contractor Heerema is looking … [Read more...]

“Geared Up”

geared bulk carrier cranes macgregor

When I first got into the commercial maritime industry, I remember a few people saying how they worked on a "geared bulk carrier" and I thought to myself, "I guess he means his ship has gears on it," but I honestly had no clue what the difference was between a geared bulk carrier or any other bulk carrier. Well, if any of you are still confused about the term, the image … [Read more...]

EMAS’ Lewek Constellation Receives Giant Piece of Stern Hardware


After arriving quayside at Huisman China last week, EMAS' flagship, Lewek Constellation has since received a rather serious piece of heavy lift machinery. Utilizing Huisman China’s new 2,400 mt quayside crane known as the "Skyhook," the Lewek Constellation's 3,000 metric ton-rated Offshore Mast Crane was installed on to the stern of the vessel over a three day … [Read more...]

PHOTOS: ‘Left Coast Lifter’ Transits Panama Canal

Crane 5

One of the world's largest floating cranes made its way through the Panama Canal today as part of a journey 6,000 mile journey from San Francisco to its next job in New York. The giant crane, named "Left Coast Lifter", is one of the largest floating cranes in the world with a boom length of 328 feet and a 1,900-ton lift capacity. The crane entered the Miraflores Locks on … [Read more...]