The following video shows the cargo ship NOUR M getting beat to crap against a seawall at the port of Rhodes, an island in the eastern Aegean Sea.

The vessel eventually succumbed to the forces of nature today and sank as the next video shows.

According to Greek media, the NOUR M and her crew had been intercepted and subsequently detained by Greek authorities in November after 20,000 Kalashnikov rifles, as well as a large quantity of ammunition, were found on board.

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  • FSwarttouw

    TobiasPieffers shoretension kopen

  • EdLandsmeer

    TobiasPieffers Gruwelijk, Ik herinner me in Ierland zo’n situatie een nacht lang pellets en balken tussen de kade en schip gooien.

  • Paul Sucia

    Odd way to scap a boat, picking up the pieces is going to be labor intensive.

    On the other hand, deserved end to an arms smuggler.  Hope the pier isn’t dinged to badly and/or much oil spilled.

  • JerryRobbins

    Paul Sucia Well no more arms trafficking?

  • ZeldaWynn

    transparency_a1 gCaptain Awesome videos, a gun running ship.

  • duncan_stuart

    transparency_a1 gCaptain Nah. Not even a twitch from Simon Bridges. No dots being connected in that little head.

  • transparency_a1

    ZeldaWynn gCaptain Too much oozo and not enough warp before the stormy ‘Boreas’ :-p

  • ZeldaWynn

    transparency_a1 gCaptain Yum ouzo!

  • traceyhampstead

    ZeldaWynn transparency_a1 gCaptain Lethal weapon.

  • transparency_a1

    duncan_stuart gCaptain 143 ships size of supertankers sunk in 20 years prior to 2001 (Lloyds ship reg) NZ needs just one…simonjbridges

  • ZeldaWynn

    traceyhampstead transparency_a1 gCaptain chuckles, never, ever got drunk drinking it.

  • duncan_stuart

    transparency_a1 gCaptain simonjbridges Surely shipping around NZ waters is as safe as mining or forestry. Unsinkable! Aren’t we Simon?

  • Flipper184
  • Flipper184

    She was   Gunrunner ,20,000 AK47s’ would bring a lot of misery,d.cGU

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