Captain Robin Walbridge and the crew of the Bounty made a port call in Belfast, Maine this past August and gave a very telling interview with one of the local media outlets.

Skip to 10:35 for the beginning of their conversation about heavy weather sailing.

Before you fully draw all your conclusions however, I recommend starting from the beginning and watching the whole interview.

There is no doubt that many of you will want to vilify Captain Walbridge for the loss of the Bounty and the death of crewmember Claudene Christian, but Captain Walbridge has been lost as well.  He was no doubt a good man, and loved by his crew, but the ocean is an unforgiving place, and mistakes were most definitely made.

For the gCaptain community, I’d like to stress that it’s not about placing blame.  We’ve all made mistakes.  This is about gaining wisdom from a tragedy that I hope all sailors, and future sailors can learn from.

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  • Anna Hawthorne

    During dialogue with a Belfast reporter on deck of Bounty, Captain Robin Walbridge invites a view into some aspects of his personality, and his competant dedication to education for all to experience living history of seagoing nations ~ an ambassador ~ a peacetime man of the sea, being relaxed, calm and steady on his beautiful ship… his very experience sum of so many years with these sailing vessels, perhaps assured him into believing that he could attempt that crossing, with a hurricane for company, as he has done in the past with Bounty, without inviting failure.. he does not appear to be a risk taker…and became caught in a tumultuous event.

    Often will imagine Bounty, laying a’ rest, her memories holding fast to every hand hewn spar, braided rope and double helm of a man who loved her.


  • Chris W.

    Having watched this a second time I have a few observations. The internet is a-buzz with “qualified professionals” touting their own credentials while second guessing this captain and his crew.
    I suggest that the USCG be allowed to conduct an in-depth investigation (and this tape should initially have been forwarded straight to them rather than let fly for all the buzzards out there to speculate on)… The families of the missing captain and deceased crew member ought to have earned that respect.
    In my years of doing boat tours and shows, I can recall how many times I’ve reverted to “auto-pilot patter” when dealing with inane reporters (like this guy), and repetitive questions from visitors touring the ships. Perhaps he was just talking bravado for the camera or perhaps he wasn’t really thinking much at all because it was early morning–or perhaps he actually was a thrill seeker… nevertheless, it should be left alone until the professionals who are undertaking the investigation are finished looking at all the evidence. Not the aggravating self-proclaimed “experts” to spew judgements for their own vanity and sensationalism.
    Seriously, there but for the grace of God go some of these others…

  • Anna Hawthorne

    August 9, 2012~ date of taping of this interview in Belfast on Bounty between Captain Robin Walbridge and local tv host and 3 days later available on UTube..The Halifax Herald posted again, recently, adding mention of disastrous events.

    USCG has instigated a review/investigation. Out of this tragedy, perhaps GPS transponder locators imbedded/affixed in survival suits will become mandatory for all personnel aboard.

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