Here’s what happens when you launch a fast rescue craft while disregarding almost every possible safety or written procedure.

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  • Sean McLaughlin

    Don’t these guys watch Whale Wars?

  • eric brauch

    I fished on the Fierce in winter of 88-89 I wonder is the current owners know that we few of a 50 footer and got airborn 100-120 miles north by northwest of dutch

  • eric brauch

    Still don’t spell so well. Like I said she went airborn.I went -g and hit the deck. Dennis Strgul was the skipper @ that time.

  • Raymond

    I’m guessing this is a Vietnamese shipyard sea trial, hence the lack of seamanship.. Anyone catch the words on that guy’s helmet? I see but I might be wrong. Would be fun to find out who these guys are!

  • Damn Yankee

    Wow. It all could have been avoided with a properly rove sea painter. That being said, I work on a ship with one of these and you wouldn’t catch me attempting to “rescue” anyone with it. It was built in China and the releasing mechanism is a total joke. Time for these clowns to head back to whatever 4 month technical school they cut their teeth at. Sad show of seamanship

  • Joe T.

    I have seen this very same thing happen; sea painter was too long, boat hit water, driver didn’t drive, winch operator didn’t continue to pay out, 4 or 5 people went into the water; boat slammed against side of ship damaging jet drive, engine was broke off its mounts, wire rope damaged running over the fishplate: all this during a SMART Inspection.

  • Gayan Gunawardena

    This is a standard test during sea trials prior to delivery. Rescue boat is launched while the vessel moves at 6 kts. Classic example of what would happen when retards are given to run ships.

    • Henning

      No kidding huh? Who imagined they could hold the bow up by hand? Didn’t even take a wrap on a stanchion which done properly would have probably held.

  • Pete/.

    I disagree with you calling these guys idiots. These guys make idiots look competent.

  • Henning

    Wow, what a moronathon. Idiot could have saved it at any moment by tripping the quick release. There are so many fails here it’s hard to keep count, from the captain on down. Where was the training on these guys? There’s a chief mate fail, captain, he should be busted to AB, he completely failed on this.

  • C.McDowall

    Thank you to Rob for posting the video to gCaptain. I uploaded the video to YouTube as I came across it being passed around by colleagues onboard the vessel I work on. After searching YouTube I realised it wasn’t on so uploaded it so others could see these idiots!

    Once again thanks for posting a link on gCaptain Rob. Must say I was surprised to see it when I checked the site this morning.

    Regards & All the Best for 2013, C.McDowall

  • mike

    Almost certain the helmet says – Lloyds Register.

  • Nigel Smith

    God likes idiots,that’s why he makes so many of them

  • Alexandre Menezes

    There are stil stupid people who continues to make the stupid test described in SOLAS, which releases intowater the lifeboat or rescue boat with the ship sailing at 5knots???????????????????????
    When SOLAS change this test?

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