The Edda Accommodation newbuild.

The Edda Accommodation newbuild.

Building on the success of the world’s only monohulled, DP3 accommodation vessel, the Edda Fides, Edda Accommodation says it is building new ship that will truly raise the bar in offshore accommodation services.

The Edda Fides, delivered in 2011, is the world's only purpose built monohull.

The Edda Fides, delivered in 2011, is the world’s only purpose built monohull.

Edda Accommodation this week announced that it placed an order for a next-generation accommodation vessel at Hyundai Heavy Industries in South Korea.

Designed by Salt Ship Design, the new ship will measure 155 meter long and will have a total accommodation capacity of 800 persons in one or two-person cabins. The interior of the vessel described as “executive standard”, and will include 850m2 of office space, a modern gym, sauna, two swimming pools, conference rooms and an auditorium.

The newbuild will come equipped with a 55.5 meter, heave compensated telescopic gangway. The vessel also features a cargo deck area of 2000m2 and a 120t rig support crane and two supply cranes, which will make the vessel suitable for cargo handling and construction support. The vessel is also designed for world-wide operations, including in arctic areas.

The company says the decision for ordering a new monohull accommodation vessel was based on the success of the company’s only other accommodation vessel, the Edda Fides. Since her delivery in March 2011, Edda Fides has proven its capabilities by completing projects in the North Sea, the Mediterranean and Australia. She has a capacity for 600 POB, a 1400 m2 deck area and is equipped with DP3.

“Due to a proven concept and significantly lower investment and operating cost compared to semisubmersible accommodation rigs, the new accommodation vessels will be highly competitive in a market with anticipated fierce competition. We expect the additions to our fleet will enhance our position as a global provider of world-class accommodation services”, says CEO Johan Rokstad.

Edda Accommodation says the contract with HHI includes an option for a second vessel. Delivery of the first vessel is expected to be in June 2015.

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  • Ben

    It’s like a cruise ship for the ocean floor oil industry.

    Isn’t it being single-hulled instead of the safer double-hulled kind of slipshod and negligent, especially if this to be used in the icy north sea? I can understand cutting some corners, but the hull shouldn’t be one of them, should it? I thought all habitation-rated commercial vessels had to be double-hulled…

    • Steven Pagan

      I believe you misunderstand the terminology. They do not say it is single hulled, they say it is monohulled (i.e ship-shaped) instead of the more traditional semisubmersible design for an accommodation vessel serving the oil industry.

    • Alex

      The icy north sea ? Huh ever been there ? Also do you know anything about ship building ?

      • MrX

        Alex, rather aggressive retort? Seemed like a fair question to which you gave no useful reply!
        Granted, the North Sea may not be icy, but you don’t get much more than a few minutes survival without any protection. So actually quite a fair comment.
        And I’m guessing by the use of question marks that Ben was asking “questions”, so he probably doesn’t know much about ship building, other than the murky views that get pushed around on double hull this and single hull that. Personally I’d hope that they do use a double hull around the bunker tanks as a minimum.
        But anyway chap, stay cool, it’s not worth getting wound up about!

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