Sketchy Boarding – Will This Truck Make It Onto This Ship?

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 11.04.23 AM

-+*This video was posted Monday to Youtube and has already racked up close to 1 million views. And for good reason – it’s so sketchy! So, will the truck be make it on board the ship by driving over two wooden planks? Just watch for the answer:  Well there you have it. Yet there are still […]

WATCH: Mega Yacht Lift Goes Horribly Wrong

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 5.46.14 PM

-+*The video below was just posted to facebook by the Panama-based website Mi Diario and shows a heavy lift project going horribly wrong. You can watch the video here on Facebook if you can’t see below: The ship appears to be the general cargo vessel BBC Spring, which as of Sunday was in Colon, Panama, leading us […]

Female Marine Engineers Focus of New Photo Collection

Still image from Getty

-+*A suggestion from Naval Architect Caitlin Ness to Getty Images has led the stock photo agency to create a collection featuring female marine engineers. The Lean In collection is a curation of images devoted to the depiction of empowered women, primarily focussing on occupations and fields where women go mostly unnoticed. After a friend of […]

Chevron’s New LNG Vessels Highlighted in Surprisingly Good Corporate Video


-+*Chevron is in the midst of it’s largest-ever shipbuilding and fleet modernization program, encompassing 13 ships total including six LNG carriers to support its growing LNG operations. The six vessels are being constructed by Samsung Heavy Industries in South Korea, with the first two already delivered in 2014. The new state-of-the-art vessels have an LNG carrying […]

Short But Vivid 4K Footage Of 13K TEU OOCL Containership [VIDEO]

Screenshot 2015-05-21 23.16.10

-+*A short yet awesome 4K SuperHiRes Quadcopter video of the 13,208 TEU OOCL Bangkok sailing in light rain* off Hong Kong. Video produced by Gary Tyson‘s amazing F8 Photography and submitted by gCaptain’s good friend Chris Tang. *Thunder and heavy rain effects where added by F8 in post-production.