Stunning VIDEO Of Newly Discovered Deep Sea Creatures

deep sea jellyfish

A team of scientists aboard the NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer have mounted a unique crowd-sourced exploration of the largely unknown deep sea off the coast of Puerto Rico. The first two legs of their 52-day expedition were spent mapping the uncharted seafloor. In April, during the mission’s third and final leg, the scientists’ focus shifted to better … [Read more...]

Video: Russian Tall Ship Rams Moored Coast Guard Vessels in Iceland


  A Russian sail training ship collided with two Icelandic Coast Guard vessels during a visit this week in Reykjavík, Iceland... and it was all captured on film. The four-masted tall ship Kruzenshtern was preparing to depart from Reykjavík harbor for Mourmansk, Russia when it rammed the moored Coast Guard vessels Týr and Þór, causing "considerable damage" to both … [Read more...]

Dramatic Rescue Caught on Tape – Four Airlifted from Sinking Fishing Vessel in Gulf of Alaska

Kupreanof -sinking-alaska

The U.S. Coast Guard on Wednesday rescued four crew of the fishing vessel Kupreanof from the Gulf of Alaska near Lituya Bay, Alaska. The dramatic rescue was caught on film by the Coast Guard aircrew as the vessel sank. The six minute video from the Coast Guard shows the fishing vessel sink in just under 30 minutes elapsed time. In the video, you can see that the crew of … [Read more...]

WATCH: How NOT To Capsize When Crossing The Bar [VIDEO]


Curious how NOT to capsize your fishing vessel in heavy seas? New Zealand journalist Geoff Mackley decided to visit the infamous Greymouth Bar, grab the saltiest old sea-captain he could find; an unintelligible yet undeniably talented Kiwi fisherman, and ask that very question. The dialogue in this video is impossible to understand but, trust us, amid … [Read more...]

WATCH: Car Carrier’s Cargo Gets Tossed in Heavy Seas


Here’s a video just uploaded to the website LiveLeak that is going viral this week. A quick shot of clinometer shows the car carrier was rolling 50+ degrees. As you can see, the heavy rolling caused some of the cargo to break lose, causing a good amount of damage to the cargo. OK, it was a lot a damage. The original footage (see below) was actually posted to gCaptain … [Read more...]