Welcome to the Wheelhouse! Decatur Marine’s innovative approach to Subchapter M compliance

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July 19, 2019

Press Release – Decatur Marine – In an effort to provide maritime towing vessels the latest software designed to comply with Coast Guard subchapter M regulations, Decatur Marine announces the premier of its own uniquely designed software, WHEELHOUSE.

WHEELHOUSE, which allows access to not only Decatur Marine clients, but inspectors, as well, enables towing vessel operators to schedule inspections online, access audit/survey reports, and track certificate of inspections (COI) and towing safety management system (TSMS) certificate dates. The system also acts as a communication tool between all three parties as well as a data repository to allow for quick and organized data retrieving.

Managing Director of Decatur Marine, Captain Steve Bomgardner says, “Decatur Marine uses technology as an advantage in the Subchapter M world. Subchapter M is innovative because now, towing vessel operators are transparent and using electronic record keeping and planned maintenance system (PMS) platforms to stay in compliance with the Federal Regulations.”

For clients of Decatur Marine, there is no additional fees for WHEELHOUSE software. In addition, Captain Bomgardner points out that by scheduling inspections through a platform that notifies both (TPO) and Inspector, reduces administrative burdens because vessel operators can electronically access their inspection reports and track (COI) and towing safety management system (TSMS) due dates. “Once the audit/survey takes place, the inspection report will be uploaded into WHEELHOUSE by the inspector, where the operator and TPO can access it,” Captain Bomgardner said. “This really helps our towing vessel operators who already have a lot on their plates,” he added.

Another aspect of the system that sets us apart from other TPOs is the customer service platform we have built,” Captain Bomgardner continued. Clients can call a 24 hour help line should they incur any problems. This makes way for swift and efficient planning and maintenance of the system.

Welcome to the Wheelhouse where all your U.S. tow boat scheduling needs are met!

Decatur Marine is a United States Coast Guard approved third party organization, providing Subchapter M and TSMS audit and survey services for the Inland owners and operators across the United States. https://decaturmarine.com/


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