Welcome to the Wheelhouse! Decatur Marine’s innovative approach to Subchapter M compliance

Press Release - Decatur Marine - In an effort to provide maritime towing vessels the latest software designed to comply with Coast Guard subchapter M regulations, Decatur Marine announces the premier of its own uniquely designed software, WHEELHOUSE. WHEELHOUSE, which allows access to not only Decatur Marine clients, but inspectors, as well, enables towing vessel operators to … [Read more...]

Decatur Marine Offering One Week Subchapter M Class

Press Release - Decatur Marine - Towing vessels and tugboats need to comply with Subchapter M regulations by July 20, 2018. Decatur Marine, a USCG Third Party Organization (TPO), is bringing a Subchapter M Lead Surveyor and Lead Auditor Certification course to Conley Marine’s headquarters in NOLA at 1305 Distributor Row, Suite G, New Orleans, La, June 25-29, … [Read more...]

Decatur Marine Audit & Survey Earns Auditor Status in AWO Responsible Carrier Program

Press Release - Decatur Marine - The American Waterways Operators (AWO) has approved Decatur Marine Audit & Survey as a third-party organization authorized to conduct audits of AWO member operations as part of its Responsible Carrier Program (RCP). The RCP, a safety management system for tugboat, towboat and barge companies, requires AWO member companies to undergo periodic … [Read more...]