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Weekly Piracy and Maritime Crime Summary – Week of 11 August

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August 18, 2011

Global Summary of Piracy and Maritime Crime – Week of 11 August 2011 (Source: ONI)

indian ocean piracy


  • Unidentified gunmen exploded a bomb on 11 August at 0240 LT at the Dibi Flow Station in the Warri North area of Delta State, Nigeria. The flow station is operated by Chevron Nigeria Limited (CNL). (Open Sources)


  • LPG tanker (GAS PRIDE) was fired upon by pirates on 12 August at 1406 UTC while underway in position 14:34.2N – 042:23.9E, approximately 40NM southwest of Ras Isa, Yemen. Pirates in two skiffs, one with three pirates onboard and one with four pirates onboard, approached and fired upon the vessel’s superstructure area resulting in several areas damaged by bullets. The Master ordered the crew into the citadel. After the vessel engaged in evasive maneuvers the pirates broke off the attack. (IMB, UKMTO)
  • Bulk carrier (CARAVOS HORIZON) was boarded by six pirates on 11 August at 1115 UTC while underway in position 15:09N – 041:55E, approximately 44NM southwest of Ras Isa, Yemen. Three skiffs behind a mothership approached the bulk carrier at high speed, one from portside, one from starboard side, and one from astern. The vessel engaged in evasive maneuvers, but the pirates were able to hook a ladder on the vessel. The 24 crewmembers retreated into the citadel and the pirates left the vessel. (IMB, UKMTO)


  • A chemical tanker was boarded 12 August at 0230 LT while anchored in postion 01:42.27N – 101:28.70E, 2NM off the coast of Dumai, Indonesia. Three robbers boarded the vessel via the poop deck. The alert deck crew saw the robbers and notified the duty officer, who then raised the alarm. The robbers escaped and nothing was stolen (IMB)


  • A tug and barge was robbed 11 August at 1530 LT while transiting from Port Klang to Kuching, Malaysia. The crew discovered goods were stolen from containers after the tug and barge arrived at the discharge port. (IMB)


Piracy and Weather Forecast for 18–20 AUG 2011 

Piracy forecast indian ocean

A. GULF OF ADEN: Western waters of the GOA continue to show light sea conditions, ranging from 1 – 3 feet.  Seas increase as you continue to the east, with heights ranging from 4 – 7 feet within the eastern portion of the GOA. Expect continuous winds from the southwest of 18 – 22 knots and higher gusts through next 72 hours. These conditions may hinder piracy/small boat operations.  EXTENDED FORECAST:  Southwest winds 18 – 22 knots with higher gusts will continue through 25 August.  Overall, expect western vs. eastern GOA disparity to continue with regards to sea heights, with maximum heights persisting in the eastern half.  Based on sea heights for forecast week, the most conducive areas for piracy within the Gulf of Aden will be the western portion and some areas in the central GOA through 25 August. 

B. SOMALI COAST/NORTH ARABIAN SEA: Sustained southwest winds of 25 – 30 knots with higher gusts will remain over the Somali Basin through the next 72 hours.  North Arabian Sea winds range from 18 – 22 knots with higher gusts from the southwest.  The highest sea heights (9 – 13 feet) cover a region from the north-central Somali coast northwest into the central Arabian Sea.  Sea heights decrease somewhat (6 – 9 feet) within central and southern portions of the Somali Basin, as well as waters off Oman and Pakistan.  Further decrease in sea heights continues off the coast of India (5 – 7 feet).

EXTENDED FORECAST: Southwest winds 25 – 30 knots with higher gusts will continue through 25 August in the Somali Basin.  Winds in the North Arabian Sea will continue from the southwest 18 – 22 knots with higher gusts through 25 August.  Severe winds and sea heights will continue to create conditions non-conducive for small boat/piracy operations through forecast period. 

C. INDIAN OCEAN: Coastal waters off Kenya as well as waters south of the equator extending east into the Indian Ocean have increased sea heights and will remain moderate through 21 August, with sea heights ranging from 5 – 8 feet.  Coastal waters off the Tanzania coast and south to Mozambique are currently moderate.  Ranging from 4 – 6 feet, from Tanzania south to the Mozambique Channel, expect sea heights to improve in the Mozambique Channel around the Comoros Islands by 19 August as a South African storm system transits slowly away from the region.

EXTENDED FORECAST:   Conditions off the Kenyan and Tanzanian coast will remain the same through 25 August.  Expect slow improvement within the entire Mozambique Channel through 25 August.  Waters around the Maldives and within the Mozambique Channel will prove to be most conducive for small boat/piracy operations through 25 August, with sea heights ranging from 1 – 3 feet.

D. SURFACE CURRENTS: Currents within the Somalia Basin and into the Indian Ocean are variable with most areas having average speeds of less than 2 knots.  Areas of increased speeds up to 5.3 knots occur from the 2N to 11N along the Somali coast.  Currents within the Gulf of Aden are variable with most areas having speeds of 1.5 knots or less.  Portions of the GOA have increased current speeds up to 2.5 knots, to include the central portion of the GOA and waters off SE Yemen.

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