Weekly Maritime Crime and Piracy Update: Week of 7 April 2011

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April 14, 2011

Worldwide Maritime Crime and Piracy Summary (source: ONI)


  • A chemical tanker was boarded 13 April at 1239 UTC while at anchor in position 05:16N – 002:05E, approximately 139NM southeast of Accra, Ghana.  Armed robbers boarded the chemical tanker while it was at anchor. (IMB)
  • A supply ship was attacked 11 April at 1100 UTC while in position 04:39N – 008:22.12E, approximately 82 NM southeast of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. The vessel was attacked by 12 armed men in a speedboat. The captain of the vessel was taken hostage. (Commercial Sources)


  • GULF OF ADEN: Oil products tanker (SAINT RAM) was fired upon by one skiff 12 April at 1218 UTC while underway in position 13:40N – 049:56E, approximately 70NM southeast of Al Mukalla, Yemen. The vessel was fired upon by one skiff containing six pirates with RPGs and guns. The armed security team onboard exchanged fire with the skiff, and the skiff then aborted the attack. (IMB, UKMTO, Commercial Sources)
  • ARABIAN SEA: General cargo ship (SUSAN K) was hijacked 08 April at 0234 UTC while underway in position 18:25N – 057:27E, approximately 274NM southwest of Sur, Oman. About ten pirates boarded the cargo ship with weapons. The ten crew members and Master went into the citadel, but pirates entered the citadel and took the crew members hostage. (IMB, UKMTO)


Indian Ocean Piracy Forecast, week of 14 April 2011:

Weather conditions this week are expected to be mild and conducive to small-boat operations throughout the piracy operating area, to include the southern Indian Ocean and Mozambique Channel.  Mariners are advised the Arabian Sea, Somali Basin, Gulf of Aden, and Mozambique Channel are high-risk areas for piracy.  When transiting the region, mariners are encouraged to contact UKMTO and all appropriate authorities.

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