HOA Piracy Activity

Weekly Maritime Crime and Piracy Report: Week of 8 Sep 2011

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September 15, 2011

Summary of Worldwide Maritime Crime and Piracy (Source: ONI)  

HOA Piracy Activity
HOA Piracy Activity, 8 - 14 September 2011 (IMB)


  • Product tanker (MATTHEOS I) hijacked on 14 September at 0121 UTC during  ship-to-ship (STS) transfer operations approximately 62NM southwest of Cotonou (see below incident). The vessel had 23 crew members, composed of Filipinos and Spanish,  Peruvian, and Ukrainian officers. The pirates sailed the vessel to an unknown location. (IMB)
  • Product tanker boarded on 14 September at 0121 UTC during STS operations  approximately 62NM southwest of Cotonou. Master sent out an SSAS alert and the crew locked themselves into the engine room. The pirates later left the vessel, and when the crew left the engine room there were no pirates onboard. (IMB)


  • Chemical tanker experienced an attempted boarding 14 September at 0415 UTC while anchored in position 06:01.39N – 001:18.30E, approximately 8NM southeast of Lome break water, Togo. About 26 robbers in two boats attempted to board the vessel, a portable ladder and ropes were seen in both boats. The master raised the alarm, mustered the crew, contacted local authorities on VHF channel 16, and left anchor. After the crew alerted, the robbers aborted the attempt. The master reported that the same robbers had attempted to board another vessel “eight cables” from his vessel’s position prior to the attack on his vessel, no further information. (IMB)


  • Tanker (UNITED EMBLEM) boarded by six pirates in one skiff on 10 September at 0535 UTC while underway in position 14:04N – 042:51E, approximately 64NM northeast of Assab, Eritrea. Another two skiffs were spotted at a distance. The vessel increased speed, made evasive maneuvers, and locked all access to the ship. All crew retreated into the engine room. A naval helicopter responded to the distress call and a boarding team searched the vessel before the crew left the engine room. (IMB, UKMTO)


  • Sailing vessel (TRIBAL KAT) was hijacked on 8 September at 1317 UTC while underway in position 15:27N – 048:41E, approximately 191NM northeast of Al Mukalla, Yemen. Armed pirates attacked, fired upon, and hijacked the vessel. Later a naval boarding team found that pirates had abandoned the vessel and hijacked the crew. (IMB, Operator)


  • Chemical tanker boarded and robbed 9 September at 2305 LT while anchored in the Dumai Inner Anchorage. Six robbers with knives approached the vessel, three of whom boarded the vessel from the stern. They threatened the duty able seaman (AB) on deck. The duty officer spotted the robbers and raised the alarm. Robbers escaped with stolen ships property. The master was not successful in several attempts to contact port authorities. (IMB)


  • Tanker boarded by robbers 8 September at 2343 LT while undergoing ship-to-ship (STS) transfer operations in position 01:07.45N – 103:35.75E, approximately 20NM southwest of Singapore. Four robbers with long knives boarded the vessel, entered the engine room, and were spotted by the duty oiler, who raised the alarm. Navy personnel later boarded the vessel the carry out a search, no further information at this time. (IMB)

Indian Ocean Piracy and Weather Forecast for 15–21 SEP 2011 

A. GULF OF ADEN: West versus east disparity exists within the GOA with sea heights ranging from 1 – 4 feet, the highest heights in the eastern GOA.   Expect continuous winds from the south-southwest of 10 – 15 knots through next 72 hours.  EXTENDED FORECAST:  Southwest winds 10 – 15 knots and minimal sea heights will continue through 21 Sep for the Gulf of Aden.

B. SOMALI COAST/NORTH ARABIAN SEA: The highest sea heights (9 – 12 feet) cover a region from the north-central Somali coast extending east-northeast into the central Arabian Sea.  Heights decrease (5 – 7 feet) along the southern Somali coast as well as the coastal regions of Oman and Pakistan.  Sustained southwest winds of 20 – 25 knots with higher gusts will remain over the Somali Basin through the next 72 hours.  Decreased winds (SW 14 – 18, higher gusts) within the North Arabian Sea will continue through the next 72 hours.


Expect increased winds and seas to persist in the northern Somali Basin and into the Arabian Sea through 21 Sep.

C. INDIAN OCEAN: Coastal waters off Kenya, south to Mozambique and waters off India will remain moderate through next 72 hours, with sea heights ranging from 5 – 7 feet.  Open ocean heights south of the equator have increased and range from 7 – 10 feet.  Minimal heights exist for the next 72 hours within the Mozambique Strait.

EXTENDED FORECAST:  Expect a transiting storm system to increase sea heights within the Mozambique Strait by 18 Sep, decreasing slowly through remaining forecast.  All other regions will remain moderately impacted through 21 Sep.

D. SURFACE CURRENTS: Currents within the Somalia Basin, Gulf of Aden, and into the Indian Ocean are variable with most areas having average speeds of less than 2 knots.  A region of increased speed up to 6 knots occurs from 4N to 11N along the Somali coast.

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