Zig-Zag Coast Guard Search and Rescue Pattern

Why This Zig-Zag Coast Guard Search Pattern is Actually Genius video by Smarter Every. Image via youtube

Watch: Why The Zig-Zag Search And Rescue Pattern is Genius

John Konrad
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January 29, 2022

This week Destin Sandlin’s highly popular Smarter Everyday channel on YouTube is kicking off a new US Coast Guard series with this video about the science behind search and rescue patterns at sea.

As part of the series, Destin has also released a video explaining exactly what happens when you call the US Coast Guard during an emergency at sea. Over the past few years, Destin has posted many interesting nautical-themed videos including breaking through Arctic ice on a US Navy Submarine and surviving a helicopter crash at sea.

Stay tuned to his channel for more videos in the series and please drop a comment on this video asking Dustin to produce a series about the Merchant Marine!

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