WATCH: SUV Rolls Off Ferry in Australia

Mike Schuler
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January 3, 2017


Check out this video posted to Facebook showing a New Year’s Eve incident in Australia involving an SUV that rolled right off the ramp of a ferry.

The video was filmed aboard a ferry headed for Fraser Island in Queensland, Australia on Saturday morning. According to reports the SUV slipped off back of the ferry shortly after departing Inskip Point. There was nobody inside the car at the time of the incident. 

The video, obtained and posted on Facebook by Moreton Crime Watch, shows the SUV roll off the loading ramp of the ferry as some passengers gasped and screamed in horror. At about the 25 second mark you can hear one of the ferry’s crew members tell everyone over the loud speaker to “calm down” and “fu***** chill out!”.

Commenters online have been pointing fingers at the ferry’s captain for not having the ramp up, while others blame the owner of the vehicle for the car not being secured in gear and with the parking brake on. 

The vehicle sank shortly after the video cut out.


Local media reported that SUV belonged to a tour group with the group’s backpacks, gear, and passports, which perhaps explains the overreaction reaction from some the passengers.

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