WATCH: Sketchy Pilot Transfer Arrangement

Mike Schuler
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February 9, 2017

Pilot Transfer

Check out the video below showing preparations for a pilot transfer at the Port of Sines in Portugal. The video was posted online with the caption:

This is the new breed of seamen… When you ask for a good lee, that´s what you get… What about the safety of this 2nd Mate? Communications? No words to express, and believe me, it was worst before my colleague picked up the mobile phone…

Check it out:

The ship in the video is the MSC Julie.  We reached out to the pilot to get more on the story. Here is what he told us:

The vessel was approaching PSA Sines Terminal XXI. 3 meter swell 14 s period.

When I left the previous vessel I asked the Captain to make some lee because she was rolling too much. I approached her by port and she was still rolling and when I passed the stern you could clearly that I was going to have a problem boarding.

As usual I approached to board by starboard and the ladder was dragging in the water. I asked the Captain to make a lee because I wouldn’t be able to board like that. I had no answer and then few moments after she started rolling more and the water was almost reaching the door. Again I asked for lee. And then the water flooded the pilot access once, then twice. I started shouting with the Second Mate, and at that point my colleague started filming. 

I then managed to contact the bridge and when the vessel started to swing to starboard and we both boarded safely and smoothly. The only problem was that we got soaked because inside there was water to our knees. Besides that everything good. Inside there were 2 more crew members.

Maybe sharing this kind of footage will make people think first before taking unsafe actions..

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