WATCH: Greek Island Ferry Flawlessly Executes Heavy Seas Med Moor (AGAIN!)

Mike Schuler
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June 3, 2013

Back in March, we posted a video showing a rather high risk ferry docking at a Greek island port in less-than-ideal conditions. Here is another video seemingly showing the same vessel performing the same maneuver in similar conditions, although this time shot from better angle.

As the uploader points out, this is the roro passenger ferry Adamantios Korahs, performing a Mediterranean Mooring procedure (stern-to-dock) at the Greek Island of Sikinos in the Aegean Sea.

Sketchy? Yes. But residents of the Greek islands depend on the ferry system for vital deliveries of food, medicine and various other items. Needless to say,  the Captain and crew are not about to get off schedule just because of a little wind and waves. Just another day in the Greek islands, I guess…

Nailed it!
Nailed it!
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