Training Ship Empire State VI Like You’ve Never Seen Before [VIDEO]

Mike Schuler
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October 4, 2014

A SUNY Maritime College cadet used his GoPro camera for some extracurriculars during this year’s Summer Sea Term. The training cruise included ports of call on the U.S East Coast, the Canary Islands, Ireland, Denmark and Portugal. According to the uploader:

All this footage was taken in one afternoon in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean on the way home from Europe. This, to our knowledge, is the first time the ship has been seen like this while underway. Thanks to my buddy for the camera.

Addressing some of the concerns raised in the comment section, Cadet Nicholas J. Beihl, 1/c, who made the video with fellow cadet Nicholas Wallinder, 1/c, updated on how he captured the video:

We got these impressive shots by first hoisting the camera to the halyard on the forward mast, then we hoisted the camera attached to the most outboard halyard on the starboard side on the radar mast. WE DID NOT CLIMB THE MAST or get close to the radars. We were down below far enough away and controlling the direction of the camera by twisting the halyard. Finally, we took a stage line, connected a 20lb shackle to the end of it and mounted the camera onto the line itself. This allowed for the stabilization that you see in the video and the swing to get the port and starboard sides of the ship at the same time.

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