Video: RNLI Crew Rescues Missing Dog From England’s Tallest Cliffs

Mike Schuler
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September 2, 2014

The cliff

A volunteer crew from the Royal National Lifeboat Institution this weekend rescued a stranded dog from some of England’s tallest cliffs more than a week after pooch went missing.

RNLI reports that a crew from Minehead’s RNLI came across the dog completely by chance while on a training exercise when crews spotted the dog clinging to the rocks just below Foreland Light House.

The dog, a springer spaniel named “Sprig”, reportedly ran off during a walk at Foreland Point in Devon on August 22, leaving the owners fearing the worst after an exhaustive search for the pooch turned up empty.

The dog "Sprig" once onboard the lifeboat.
The dog “Sprig” happily onboard the lifeboat.

Video of the rescue shows the RNLI crews scale up the cliffs to reach the dog. Once onboard the lifeboat, Sprig was happily wagging his tail while enjoying a good head rub. The dog was later reunited with his owners on Sunday.

How Sprig ended up on the cliffs in the first place is anyones guess.

Check out the video below from the rescue.


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