Video: MSC Magnifica Completes Quick Drydocking at Damen Shiprepair Rotterdam

Mike Schuler
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November 28, 2014

Photo courtesy Damen

The MS MSC Magnifica has just completed a quick 17-day drydocking period at Damen Shiprepair Rotterdam, where shipyard workers replaced some 47 tonnes of steel, replaced the rudders, cleaned and painted the vessel.

“The rudders were a major job, we sealed off and pressurized the whole area. And fortunately we have a very large machine shop on site, which was invaluable to ensure the rudder renewal remained on schedule. We also worked very closely with the rudder manufacturer Rolls-Royce,” said Marc Derks, Shiprepair Rotterdam Project Manager.

Photo courtesy Damen
Photo courtesy Damen

While in dry dock, some 800 of the ship’s crew remained on board the vessel as the work was carried out, presenting some unique challenges.

“Every time the crew members wanted to go into the city, we had to make sure all the safety checks were in place when they were getting on and off but the crew and our team worked very well together,” said Khalil Benjelloul, Cruise Vessels Product Manager of Damen Shiprepair & Conversion. “Everything went very smoothly, we managed to do this demanding job safely and on schedule, which is vitally important in the cruise industry.”

Photo courtesy Damen
Photo courtesy Damen

Built in 2010, the MSC Magnifica is 293 m long and has a capacity for more than 2,500 passengers.

Next week, the 200-meter long MS Saga Sapphire will arrive at Damen Shiprepair Rotterdam.

Check out the video of the work conducted on the MSC Magnifica.

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