USCG’s Top 10 Rescue Videos of 2012

Mike Schuler
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December 31, 2012

Here is a recap of the U.S. Coast Guard’s Top 10 Rescue Videos of 2012.

Remember, the USCG needs help narrowing down the 10 videos to one lucky winner that will hold the coveted Top Rescue Video of 2012 award. Click on each title to vote by ‘Liking’ the corresponding facebook page. You can vote for as many as you’d like and the voting is open until Jan. 4, 2012.

Day 1: Mission to Nome

Day 2: Lifeline

Day 3: Downed seaplane

Day 4: Train So Others May Live

Day 5: Advanced Helicopter Rescue School

Day 6: Surf’s Up!

Day 7: Iced Over

Day 8: Family of Nine and Two Dogs

Day 9: Cutter Dallas Gunnery Exercise

Day 10: HMS Bounty Rescue

Which is your favorite?


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