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John Konrad
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December 23, 2007



Here are gCaptain editor’s Top 10 upcoming picks of the week from gCaptain’s Maritime News Discoverer. Please Vote on the ones you like to have them published.

Saved from the Angry Atlantic
gCaptain and myself have reported heavily on the rescue of the s/v Sean Seamour II and we are please to report that the US Coast Guard Crew that resc read more »

Speed limit exemption for winged ships
Winged ships (WIGS) are one step closer to serving Juneau travelers after the Juneau Assembly this week adopted an amendment to add “wing in ground e read more »

Sole survivor holds key to tug mystery
Tug accident at Clydebank on the River Clyde in Scotland takes the lives of 3 sailors. read more »

GE invests $54 Million In Oil Drilling Ship Off Brazil
A unit of General Electric Co. (GE) announced Tuesday it is investing $54 million to become part owner of a ship drilling for oil off the coast of Br read more »

Australia to tag Japanese whalers in Southern Ocean
SYDNEY (AFP) — Australia will deploy a ship fitted with machine guns to monitor Japanese whalers in the Southern Ocean, a report said Tuesday. read more »

Nuclear-Powered Ships May be Too Costly
A provision in the final version of the Defense Authorization Bill for Fiscal Year 2008 that requires the Navy to make its next fleet of cruisers nuc read more »

Fred Fry International: Maritime Monday 89
A weekly recap of Maritime-related news and events. read more »

DANICA WHITE Hijacking – ‘Minimum Safe Manning’ Partly to Blame
How is it that a ship is permitted to travel offshore with a crew of only 5? read more »

Scientists worry as oceans grow more acidic
even hundred miles west of Seattle in the Pacific at Ocean Station Papa, a first-of-its-kind buoy is anchored to monitor a looming environmental catastrophe read more »

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