Polarcus Adira

Ulstein Verft Delivers the Polarcus Adira, an Ice-Ready Seismic Survey Ship

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June 21, 2012

Image: Ulstein Group

Polarcus Limited (OSE: PLCS), a marine geophysical company headquartered in the UAE, announced today they had taken delivery of the Polarcus Adira, the eighth 3D seismic vessel to date to join the Polarcus fleet. The vessel was built at Ulstein Verft in Norway and following a short shakedown will commence operations on the previously announced charter for TGS-NOPEC Geophysical Company ASA (TGS).

With the delivery of Polarcus Adira, the fifth and last tranche of the USD $410 million fleet bank facility granted to the Polarcus Group has been fully drawn. Tranche four, related to the vessel Polarcus Samur, was drawn on 19 June 2012 in connection with the redemption of the 13 per cent Polarcus Limited Senior Secured Callable Bond Issue 2008/2013, ISIN NO 001 0445935.

Green initiatives

Ulstein Verft reports that a number of environmental initiatives were taken when designing and building Polarcus Adira. The vessel’s double hull and its advanced bilge water cleaning system and ballast water treatment system reduce emissions to water down to a minimum. The vessel runs on marine gas oil (MGO) with low sulphur content and has high specification exhaust catalysts, which clean the exhaust before it is emitted to air. Polarcus Adira is also equipped with a diesel electric propulsion system. The vessel’s X-BOW® hull line design reduces fuel consumption and therefore emissions to air. Polarcus Adira carries the Clean Design notation from DNV.

Comfortable vessel
The X-BOW hull line design provides for a safe and comfortable workplace for the crew both during transit and seismic surveys. This is particularly the case in heavy sea. The X-BOW eliminates slamming and hence increases the well-being of those on board.

Polarcus Adira is an arctic-ready vessel designed and built for operations in arctic waters. She carries the ICE-1A* and Winterized Basic notations from DNV, and can operate in first-year ice of up to 1 metre thickness without the assistance of icebreakers. The entire vessel is ice-reinforced with thicker ribs and skin plates. Polarcus Adira has de-icing and ice-preventing systems at critical tanks and pipelines, and propellers, gears and thrusters are dimensioned for withstanding operations in ice. Escape corridors and rescue equipment are also protected against icing during arctic operations.

Polarcus Adira is a 3D 12-14 streamer seismic research vessel. The vessel has two workboats and a MOB boat on board. The seismic operation room is located midship over two decks in close vicinity to the seismic winches in the work area. The vessel is equipped with a helideck for added safety and to ensure an efficient crew change, and is built according to IMO code of safety for Special Purpose Ships (SPS), enabling it to operate worldwide. Polarcus Adira has a length of 92 metres and a breadth of 21 metres. The ship has a towing pull of 82 tons in seismic operations and a maximum speed of 17 knots. The vessel is built with a hotel compliment with permanent capacity for 60 persons in 32 single and 14 double cabins. There is a mess room which seats 43, day rooms, internet café, gym and sauna, as well as a hospital, offices and a conference room.

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