TWIC Experience 2.0 (much better)

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March 31, 2008

twic card

Four weeks ago, I had my original TWIC enrollment experience. The post is here.

Today I picked up my TWIC. Last Thursday I went online to see if the card was ready and the info said yes. I printed out the form and made an appointment to pick up the card for Monday at 08:15.

On Friday, I was close to the enrollment office (very close the $3.32 per gallon gas on the reservation – the lowest in town) in my hometown of Anacortes WA and decided to stop by to see if I could pick up the card. There was one person being processed and one person in line. Cool, I figured. The clerk asked if I had an appointment, I said no. When pressed to see if anyone had an appointment after the guy in the que, she said they didn’t know and I’d have to take my chances. What? A computerised system and the local office didn’t have access to the data base of appointments. Correct.

This morning’s experience was much better than I could have anticipated:

08:00 Arrival for 08:15 appointment

08:07 Seated for processing

08:16 Out the door with TWIC in hand

It is interesting, that they used my fingerprint to call up my record. I never gave my name.

You can check the status of your TWIC and make appointment to pick it up, if it’s ready, here.

Editorial Note: For an audio account of the TWIC experience click HERE

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