Tugboater Loses Part of Arm in Line Handling Accident in New York Harbor

Mike Schuler
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April 14, 2017

Mister T. Photo credit: Buchanan Marine

A crew member of a tugboat operating in New York Harbor lost part of his arm in an unfortunate line-handling accident on Thursday night about a half-mile from the Statue of Liberty.

The NYPD confirmed that a 27-year-old man suffered a severed arm just below his elbow apparently after it became entangled in a line that was connected to another vessel.

Unfortunately the severed part of his arm fell into the water and has not been recovered.

Three officers with the NYPD Harbor unit provided the first response and quickly applied a tourniquet to stop the bleeding.

The incident occurred aboard the 145-foot Buchanan Marine tug, Mister T.

According reports the victim remained alert and conscious throughout the ordeal. He is currently recovering in a New York City hospital.


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