Time-Lapse – Northern Europe Run in Five Awesome Minutes

Mike Schuler
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June 16, 2015

Check out this amazing time-lapse footage filmed aboard the containership MV Carat during a recent trip through northern Europe.

The uploader tells us:

This time lapse footage was made while I worked on a containership in North Europe going around the Baltic Sea. During the trip we went from Riga, Latvia to Tallinn, Estonia to Klaipeda, Lithuania, Gdynia, Poland, then to the other side of Europe through the Kiel Canal to Hamburg and Bremerhaven, Germany. This was a a very fast paced environment, sometimes as little as eight hours sailing between ports and many berth shifts while loading and unloading cargo. Over 15,000 photos were used to put this video together, all summed up in five minutes. Enjoy!

At the time the video was filmed, the MV Carat was managed by Crowley on a Hapag Lloyd charter.

Photography and editing by MV Carat 2nd Mate George Leonov.

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