Time-Lapse Friday: Hong Kong Waters in 4K HD

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October 23, 2015

This is one of a series of videos created by Captain Florin, which he shoots himself as he travels around the world on a containership. The original idea behind the videos was so that he could share with his colleagues the various maneuverings from ports around the world to help familiarize them with new areas, and it kinda just evolved from there.

“One of the main issue when joining a ship is to get to know the line, especially the maneuverings in the ports along the line,” Captain Florin tells us. “This is usually explained by the off-signing Captain on the nautical charts prepared by the 2nd Mate. But since a video values more than a picture, I’ve started to make these time-lapses. Once started I enjoyed the sunsets, sunrises, landscapes so much that I felt the need to share these experiences with more people.”

This one is from September 2014 and shows his ship transiting Hong Kong waters, underway to Chiwan.

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