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Talisman’s Yme Platform is in Danger of Collapse

Rob Almeida
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October 9, 2012

Yme, a mobile offshore production facility located south of Norway in approximately 93 meters of water depth.

According to a letter obtained by Reuters from Talisman Energy to Norway’s Petroleum Safety Authority (PSA), the Yme platform is still in very sketchy condition.

“A structural collapse can arise through considerable shifts and deformations …The unit can then in the worst case drop down vertically, penetrate the tank and/or tip over on either side with a danger of damaging nearby pipelines/umbilicals,”  Talisman said.

“Without compensating measures there is great probability of cracks forming and a loss of carrying ability … by the platform’s legs before or during the coming winter season.”

As an independent third party assessor, DNV confirmed today that the Yme-platform is not yet fit for duty.

Location of Yme

As a follow up to the evacuation of the Yme platform in July, DNV started its theoretical calculations related to the platform’s strength. The results of these calculations have continuously been reported to offshore engineering firm SBM Offshore and used as part of its input for the required reconditioning. This process is still on-going.

DNV told reporters today that no conclusions will be drawn until the technical analysis and inspection of critical structural elements have been completed, and all the necessary information on the focused grouting has been obtained.

Talisman notes in their communication to the PSA that there is no danger posed by the platform to any oil wells nearby and the spill risk is limited to 80 cubic metres of diesel, 200 liters of the toxic bleach hypochlorite, and small amounts of other chemicals.

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