Watch: Incredible Whale Watching Close Call in Alaska You would have to be hiding under a rock to miss this video this week. But if somehow didn't catch it, here it is. The video was filmed during a whale watching excursion in Gustavus, Alaska. The guests sure got what they paid for. I'm glad they come away just a little wet and with a great story to tell. … [Read more...]

Incredible Footage of Rare White Whale Off Australia

Check out this incredible footage of a rare white humpback whale captured Monday off Queensland, Australia. While whale watchers across the globe were hoping to catch another glimpse of Migaloo, a famous albino humpback that frequents Australian waters each year, researchers are saying that the whale spotted Monday was likely another whale. According to CBC News, whale … [Read more...]

Stranded Whale Watching Tour Snagged Offshore LNG Terminal Buoy

Some new information has revealed what caused a 3-hour whale watching tour to become stranded overnight off Boston, Massachusetts earlier this week. As gCaptain reported, the 83-foot Boston Harbor Cruises vessel Cetacea was carrying 163 people when it became disabled about 13 miles east of Nahant on Monday at about 4:30 p.m. after the boat's propeller became … [Read more...]

3-Hour Whale Watching Cruise Strands Passengers Overnight

By Elizabeth Barber BOSTON, July 29 (Reuters) - A planned three-hour whale watching cruise off the Massachusetts coast turned into an all-night affair for 163 people aboard a boat that limped back into Boston Harbor on Tuesday morning. The passengers and crew of the Boston Harbor Cruises boat Cetacea spent the night stranded off the coast of Nanhat, Massachusetts, about 8 … [Read more...]