Viking Lady Fuel Cells Trial Ends In Success

With rising fuel prices and impending environmental regulations, the pressure is on for more efficient and environmentally friendly ships. For that reason, DNV Research and Innovation has been working on safe and reliable fuel cell applications for ships. In the joint industry project, FellowSHIP, a 330 kW fuel cell was successfully installed, and demonstrated smooth, fully … [Read more...]

How to Get the Most Out of Your Ship’s Electrical System

By Fathom-CTech, This week the spotlight turns to auxiliary power and electrical loads with a particular focus on inefficiencies within electrical systems. The topic of reduction of auxiliary power and electrical loads is wide and varied e.g. from simply switching off the lights right through to waste heat recovery. In this article, we are focusing on one very specific … [Read more...]

Eidesvik LNG-Powered Supply Vessels Win Contracts from Leiv Eiriksson Consortium

The Leiv Eiriksson Consortium, a Norwegian continental shelf consortium managed by Rig Management Norway, has today awarded Eidesvik two contracts for their LNG-powered supply ships, Viking Lady and Viking Athene. The  firm period is 15 wells plus up to 18 optional wells, starting Q1 2013. Lundin Norway AS has also declared an option for the use of  Viking Prince for a … [Read more...]

DNV Executive Interview – Fuel Cells, Subsea Technology, Arctic Shipping, and More

At last month's Connecticut Maritime Association conference in Stamford, Connecticut, I met up with DNV Americas' COO, Elisabeth Torstad, as well as President, DNV Maritime, Oil & Gas, Tor Svensen, and North America Director of Operations for Maritime and Oil and Gas, Kenneth Vareide. Interview conducted 20 March 2012   RA:  Thank you all for the opportunity to … [Read more...]

Viking Lady Going Full Hybrid as FellowSHIP Fuel Cell Project Enters Phase III

Building on the success of the world's first high temperature fuel cell power pack installation on board the OSV Viking Lady, the FellowSHIP project - a joint industry R&D project experimenting with fully integrated fuel cells on board vessels and offshore platforms - said today that it is entering into the third phase of its research that will integrate battery pack power … [Read more...]