NTSB Study Digs Into Safety of U.S. Coast Guard’s Vessel Traffic Service System

A safety study released Tuesday by the National Transportation Safety Board details 14 conclusions and 21 recommendations aimed at further reducing the risk of collisions, allisions, and groundings involving vessels operating within U.S. Coast Guard Vessel Traffic Service areas. The study, titled “An Assessment of the Effectiveness of the U.S. Coast Guard Vessel Traffic … [Read more...]

Security Zone Violation Disrupts Houston Ship Channel

It seems like the VTS in Houston is working as advertised. You can't just drive wherever you want down there without getting a visit from the local police. This just out from the Coast Guard in District 8: https://vimeo.com/63431898 Story by PA3 Mandy Emery, USCG HOUSTON — The Coast Guard issued a violation to a recreational boat captain who  failed to heave … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday VTS – USCG’s Eye-In-The-Sky Celebrates 40 Years

by LT Stephanie Young, USCG A dense fog bank formed several hundred yards west of the Golden Gate Bridge. The tanker Arizona Standard was inbound en route to nearby Richmond while the tanker Oregon Standard, carrying a full load of bunker fuel, was outbound steaming toward British Columbia. Both were T-2 tank ships, 504 feet in length and 10,553 gross tons. Before the … [Read more...]

Flight 1592 Video Released by Coast Guard

The Coast Guard and National Transportation Safety Board released this Coast Guard footage of US Airways Flight 1592 performing an emergency landing into the Hudson River last week.  The footage shown here was captured by the Coast Guard's Vessel Traffic Service. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mLKfRVU3qM&feature=channel_page NOTE: Touch down occurs at about 2:00 … [Read more...]