NOAA To Explore ‘Battle of the Atlantic’ Wreckage

by Vernon Smith (NOAA) July 15, 1942. America had been in World War II for less than a year, but the fight was coming to the nation’s shores. That day, off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, the German U-boat U-576 sank the Nicaraguan-flagged freighter SS Bluefields. But it came at a steep price – the merchant ship convoy and its U.S. military escorts fought back, sinking the … [Read more...]

Humanoid Robotic Diver OceanOne May Revolutionize Subsea Exploration

Some really, really smart people at Stanford University have built human-like robot that they hope could one day revolutionize subsea exploration and other underwater tasks considered far too dangerous for human divers.  The humanoid robotic diver, named OceanOne, was presented Thursday at the History Museum in Marseille, where the OceanOne team … [Read more...]

Virgin Oceanic – Richard Branson Looks To Dive The DEEP In the months since James Cameron announced his next film will be filmed on location in the Marianas Trench, the race to explore the world's deepest point has heated up considerably with a new venture sponsored by entrepreneur and adventurer, Sir Richard Branson. Gizomodo tells us Sir Richard Branson, Chris Welsh, and Graham … [Read more...]

James Cameron to Explore Challenger Deep: Are you really THAT surprised?

It really did not surprise us when it was revealed in the most recent Maritime Monday that James Cameron is planning a nearly 7 mile voyage to the Mariana Trench to film, in 3-D of course, scenes for the upcoming Avatar sequel .  After all, we've seen his ambition with 3-D and underwater exploration before, both with the first Avatar and the lesser known Aliens of The Deep, and … [Read more...]