Team Vestas Wind Makes Progress as Hull Form Comes Together

In January, the entire stern of Team Vestas Wind was in tatters or missing entirely after the boat ran up on a reef in the Indian Ocean. Today, Neil Cox, Shore Manager for the Volvo Ocean Race team reports the hull is back together again with a substantial amount of new carbon fiber as the below image shows. His latest report on his team's progress toward getting back … [Read more...]

Volvo Ocean Race Crash Report Calls for Charting Standards Overhaul

LONDON, March 10 (Reuters) - An independent report into the crash of Volvo Ocean Race boat, Vestas Wind, on an Indian Ocean reef has recommended an overhaul of navigational charting in offshore racing to prevent a similar incident in the future. The Danish boat's crew miraculously avoided serious injury when they collided with the reef at St Brandon on Nov. 29 last year at … [Read more...]

Team Vestas Wind is Italy-Bound Aboard the Maersk Stockholm

For the next 6 months or so, Team Vestas Wind's shore manager Neil "Coxy" Cox will have his hands full trying to piece his team's VOR65 back together after the stern was literally ripped off the boat by an Indian Ocean reef. To actually have the boat, or what's left of her, sitting aboard the Maersk Stockholm, a containership bound for Italy is nothing short of a logistical … [Read more...]

Salvors Detail the Recovery of Team Vestas Wind

Seldom does a salvage operation run as smoothly as that of the Volvo Ocean Racing yacht, “Vestas Wind”. In a joint venture between Subtech and Svitzer, a team consisting of Neil Scott-Williams, Morgan Castle and Morne Uys of Subtech and Mike Smith and Rob Hare, veteran salvors from Svitzer was mobilized from South Africa under a Bimco Wreckhire to refloat and recover, … [Read more...]

Maersk Containership Recovers Team Vestas Wind From Indian Ocean Reef

Team Vestas Wind's Volvo 65 is in one piece, sitting on the deck of a Maersk container ship today yet badly damaged and missing a few appendages after running hard up on a reef north of Mauritius over three weeks ago. It's incredible that she's not still sitting high and dry on the reef still though considering how deep into the reef she ran while cruising along at 19 … [Read more...]