Dutch Consortium Planning Giant Offshore Solar Power Farm

By Anthony Deutsch AMSTERDAM, Feb 14 (Reuters) - An offshore seaweed farm in the North Sea will be turned into a large solar power farm that aims to pipe energy to the Dutch mainland in roughly three years. The project comes at a critical time for the Netherlands, which is struggling to curb fossil fuel use and meet greenhouse gas emission targets after years of … [Read more...]

Aquarius ECO Ship – Flexible Concept Design Incorporates both Wind and Solar Power

Japan's ECO Marine Group has just unveiled an innovative concept design that promises increased fuel efficiency and lower harmful emissions by harnessing both wind and solar power.  Unlike other concept designs we have seen, ECO Marine has designed the system to be flexible enough to fit a number of types and sizes of vessels as well as for ground-up construction for those … [Read more...]

Nissan’s Solar Panel-Covered Ship, Looks to Harness the Sun for Shipping Efficiency

Sustainable mobility takes to the open water, as Nissan launches its first energy-efficient, coastal car carrier, the Nichioh Maru. Built by Shin Kurushima Dockyard Co. over a 4-year period, she began her maiden voyage on January 27, 2012. Nichioh Maru's green secret is its energy-saving, electronically-controlled diesel engine, with 281 solar panels fitted to the … [Read more...]

World’s first solar-powered ship getting power upgrades

NYK Lines has announced that the M/V Auriga Leader, the world's first solar power cargo ship, will be undergoing further developments to strengthen the vessels efficiency.  Starting in June, the vessel will be fitted with a new hybrid power supply system, a ballast water management system and will be adapted to use low-sulfur fuel in order to further reduce fuel costs and cut … [Read more...]