Stena Bulk Unveils Energy-Efficient Product Tanker Prototype

Mike Schuler
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June 11, 2020

Photo: Stena Bulk

Liquid bulk shipping company Stena Bulk has released a concept design for a next-generation product and chemical tanker that will use flettner rotors, solar power, and other state-of-the-art technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 25 percent.

The prototype design, known as the IMOFlexMAX, was developed by sister company Stena Teknik.

In addition to moveable Flettner rotors and solar panels, the vessels will be equipped with dual-fuel engines capable of running not only on liquefied natural gas and conventional low-sulfur fuels, but also open for conversion to other alternative fuels in the pipeline.

The basic concept of the IMOFlexMax is to allow the vessels to dramatically reduce local SOX, NOX and particle emissions, as well as greenhouse gas emissions, Stena said in press release. With the combined fuel and energy efficiencies, the vessels will be able to reduce greenhouse gases by at least 25 % with a potential to reach up to 45 % compared to modern product tankers run by low-sulfur fuel oil.

“The plan is for the IMOFlexMAX vessels to be deployed in Stena Bulk’s logistics system in the global market along with the IMOIIMAX,” said says Erik Hånell, President and CEO of Stena Bulk. “The IMOFlexMAX vessels will constitute an important asset for Stena Bulk, as well as for its partners, in strengthening our position as the market-leading, cross-trading specialists in the MR segment with increased efficiency and reduction of greenhouse gases.”

Flettner rotors are based on the principle of the Magnus effect, using a spinning cylinder to harness wind power in order to propel a ship.

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