Release the Kraken! Cargo Ship Scuttled Off Galveston

A 371-ft cargo vessel named Kraken has been scuttled off Galveston, Texas to create a new artificial reef for fishermen and divers in the Gulf of Mexico. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Artificial Reef Program sank the ship on January 20, 2017 approximately 67 miles off the coast. The Kragen now lies at depth of about 140 feet. Over time it will become an … [Read more...]

Stuck On a Sinking Ship – Incredible Look at How Two Guys Escaped the Scuttling of the ‘Vis’

Here's another look at this past weekend's scuttling of the Vis, a former Yugoslav Navy ship, at a marine park off the coast of Croatia. The video is significant for two reasons. One, it gives a spectacular look at a spectacular scuttling. Two, you can clearly see the two men who were still stuck on the ship when the explosives went off! That's right, for some the men … [Read more...]

WATCH: Ship Scuttled With Two People Still Stuck On Board!

Update: Here's a closer look at the two guys stuck on board the ship and how they escaped. The former flagship of the Yugoslav Navy was scuttled in Croatia's Polje Bay in spectacular fashion over the weekend where it will now serve as a dive attraction. Thousands were on hand to witness the event, which went off without a hitch. That is unless you consider the … [Read more...]

Chilean Ferry Scuttled After 2014 Patagonia Grounding – Photos and Video

The Chile Ro-Ro ferry Amadeo I was towed out to sea and scuttled on Monday after a year-long operation to remove the vessel from the shores of a fjord in Patagonia. The ferry was transiting from Puerto Natales to Puerto Montt, Chile in August 2014 when it when it grounded and partially sank in the Kirke Canal. All 17 passengers and 28 crew members were evacuated from the … [Read more...]

Freighter Scuttled After Galapagos Grounding

An Ecuador-flagged cargo ship has been successfully refloated and scuttled after running aground earlier this year in the Galápagos Islands. The salvage and scuttling was carried out by the U.S.-based salvage firm T&T Salvage, which ensured that all fuel, oil and other pollutants were removed from the vessel prior to being refloated. The ship, the MV Floreana, ran … [Read more...]