Paris MoU Releases 2017 “White, Grey and Black” List: United States Falls to Grey as Korea, Poland Move to White

The Paris MoU has approved its 2017 port state control inspection results for 2017 and adopted its new "White, Grey, and Black" performance lists for flag states and Recognized Organizations (ROs). The Paris MoU's annual “White, Grey and Black (WGB) List” ranks flag states from best to worst, from flags with a high performance (White) to flags with poor performance that are … [Read more...]

Australia, Paris MoU Ban Cargo Ships Following Port State Control Detentions

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) has banned the Philippines-flagged cargo ship Thorco Luna after it was detained by port state control inspectors for the third time this year for consistently failing to meet international standards. The ship was released from its latest detention at Port Kembla last Friday, 8 June 2018, and will not be permitted to enter an … [Read more...]

Cargo Ship MV Acorus Banned from Paris MoU for One Year

The Moldovan-flagged cargo ship MV Acorus has been banned from the Paris MoU for a period of one year due to repeat offenses. The MV Acorus was detained in Piraeus, Green earlier this month during a re-inspection for lifting the refusal of access order, which was imposed in July 2017. The detention was second against the vessel in 36 months. The ship flies the flag of … [Read more...]

Port State Control Regimes Consider Doing Away with Famous ‘White, Grey and Black Lists’

The world's Port State Control regimes are considering doing away with the famous white, grey and black lists for ranking flag states' performance records from best to worst.  The proposed change is among a handful of recommendations made as a result of a recent Port State Control workshop at IMO headquarters last month that aimed to strengthen collaboration … [Read more...]

Bahamas-Flagged Bulk Carrier Detained in Tacoma Over Safety Issues

  A Bahamas-flagged bulk carrier remains in the Port of Tacoma after U.S. Coast Guard Port State Control inspectors found multiple safety deficiencies. A Port State Control exam team from Coast Guard Sector Puget Sound boarded the 751-foot MV Rena last Thursday and discovered multiple areas that did not meet regulations set forth in the International Maritime … [Read more...]