BIMCO Analyst Peter Sand: Cool Down Of Globalisation Will Make Us All Poorer – Interview

Interview by Paul González-Morgan Peter Sand is Chief Shipping Analyst at BIMCO, the world's largest international shipping association, with 2,000 members in more than 120 countries (comprised of shipowners, operators, managers, brokers and agents).  Peter has worked for Statistics Denmark, compiling public accounts and doing international statistical work in relation … [Read more...]

Interview: Poul Woodall, Director of Environment & Sustainability at DFDS, Talks Emissions, Environmental Regulations and LNG

Interview by Paul González-Morgan (Marine Strategy) – Poul Woodall is Director, Environment & Sustainability at DFDS A/S, with over 40 years of international shipping experience, Ro-Ro and passenger segments. Poul specialises in environmental compliance, ensuring the conformity with the changing laws and regulations, with a focus on meeting and exceeding industry … [Read more...]

Interview: Hans Hederström, Managing Director of Carnival Corp.’s State-of-the-Art Maritime Simulation Training Center

Interview by Paul González-Morgan (Marine Strategy) - Hans Hederström is the Managing Director of CSMART Academy, Center for Simulator Maritime Training, the state-of-the-art international maritime training center of the world’s largest cruise company, Carnival Corporation & plc Group. Opened in July 2009 and located in Almere, Netherlands, CSMART Academy established … [Read more...]

Interview: Jeffrey Owen, Founder and CEO of Lightning Technologies, on How Smart Pallets Are Disrupting the Logistics Supply Chain

Interview by Paul González-Morgan (Marine Strategy) - Jeffrey Owen is Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Lightning Technologies LLC, the company that has revolutionised the pallet industry. Smart TV's, smartphones, self-driving cars, ...why not a “smart pallet”? Millions of pallets are used each year to transport goods across the supply chain, with an … [Read more...]

Interview: London Maritime Arbitrators Association’s President Ian Gaunt on Why London is Maritime’s Main Arbitration Point

Interview by Paul González-Morgan (Marine Strategy) - Ian Gaunt is President at The London Maritime Arbitrators Association (“LMAA”), the world’s leading body specialised in commercial maritime dispute resolution. With over 700 full and supporting members practising in London, LMAA is admired for the promotion of practical procedures conducted under the English Arbitration … [Read more...]