Shell Provides Smarter Solutions To Simplify Ship Owners’ Operations And Help Reduce Costs

Shell Marine is introducing its Marine Integrated Lubrication and Expert Solutions (MILES) programme, its new and unique approach in lubricants management.  This new initiative includes combining purchasing options, services and an extensive range of lubricant products in a multi-faceted strategy addressing its customers’ most pressing operational concerns.  Shell … [Read more...]

Executive Profile: Shell’s Sara Lawrence Brings a Blend of Experience to Marine Lubricants

Lubricant suppliers have needed to anticipate unfolding maritime legislation while still meeting shipping’s commercial drivers. Shell Marine Products Global Technical Manager Dr Sara Lawrence is a chemist with eyes on the future. Sara Lawrence has built a career around anticipating trends in lubrication. Her specialist subject became apparent early, following up a degree in … [Read more...]

ExxonMobil Launches Mobilgard 410 NC Marine Engine Oil

FAIRFAX, Va. – ExxonMobil is introducing MobilgardTM 410 NC, a zinc-free high-performance oil that offers marine operators an improvement in piston cleanliness of up to 20 percent, a reduction in liner wear of up to 50 percent, and a significant enhancement in bearing protection compared to a typical current Tier III lubricant.  It also helps maximize the performance of a … [Read more...]

Shell Introduces Two-Stroke Engine Oil for ECA-Bound Vessels

Shell Marine Products says it has become the first company to offer complete oil lubricant solution for the full spectrum of engines operating where new emission control area regulations will enter into force in 2015. At the SMM Hamburg conference in Germany, SMP introduced its Alexia S3, a new two-stroke engine oil for use with low-sulfur and distillate fuels. The Alexia S3 … [Read more...]

Marine Lubricants Manufacturers Shift to 100BN Oil

In response to studies done by engine manufacturers MAN Diesel and Wärtsilä, top marine lubricants suppliers are making a big shift toward higher base number oils in order to deal with the growing issue of "cold corrosion." This issue is primarily due to lower temperatures and higher pressures found within newer 2-stroke engine designs, noted BP Castrol Marketing … [Read more...]