Shell Introduces Two-Stroke Engine Oil for ECA-Bound Vessels

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September 9, 2014

Shell PAE Lab HamburgShell Marine Products says it has become the first company to offer complete oil lubricant solution for the full spectrum of engines operating where new emission control area regulations will enter into force in 2015.

At the SMM Hamburg conference in Germany, SMP introduced its Alexia S3, a new two-stroke engine oil for use with low-sulfur and distillate fuels. The Alexia S3 is the latest in SMP’s Shell Alexia two-stroke line and is formulated for use with low sulphur and distillate fuels up to 0.5% sulphur.

The global maritime industry will see more stringent sulphur oxide (SOX) restrictions in ECA areas, such as the Baltic Sea, the North Sea, North America and Caribbean Sea in the coming years. From 1 January 2015, ships entering these areas will have to use fuels with 0.1% sulphur content, such as marine gas oil or liquefied natural gas (LNG).

While operating on ultra low sulfur fuel, a low base number lube oil is needed.  Shell notes that the Alexia S3 comes in at BN 25 and SAE 50.  They are working on making this product available to their customers in December 2014 via 22 locations worldwide.

“We are dedicated to providing our customers with the right solution, at the right place, at the right time,” said Surinderdeep Singh, General Manager of Shell Marine Products. “The introduction of Shell Alexia S3 completes our portfolio, ensuring all our customers will have the right lubricant suitable for their shipping needs.”

SMP also offers Shell Gadinia for medium-speed four-stroke engines and Shell Mysella, used in vessels with gas powered engines.

Shell Alexia S3 will be available to customers beginning in December 2014.

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