Tugs Save Disabled Maersk Containership About to Run Aground in Alaska

A disabled Maersk containership was towed to safety on Saturday after losing power and threatening to run aground in Alaska. The United States Coast Guard and the Alaska Dept. of Environmental Conservation (DEC) confirmed that the 872-foot Laura Maersk lost power on Friday at around 1700 local time while underway north of Akutan Island in Alaska's Aleutian island … [Read more...]

Dog Believed Lost at Sea Turns Up on U.S. Navy Island After Five Weeks

March 17 (Reuters) - A dog believed to have drowned after disappearing from a fishing boat off the California coast five weeks ago was found on an island owned by the U.S. Navy and will be reunited with her owner on Thursday evening, the Navy said. Luna, a blue-eyed German shepherd-husky mix, apparently swam 2 miles (3.2 km) to San Clemente Island, off the San Diego coast, … [Read more...]

Castaway Who Survived 15 Months At Sea Accused of Eating Friend

The remarkable story of Mexican castaway Salvador Alvarenga has taken grim turn as the family of the boy who accompanied him on his ill fated fishing trip off the coast of Chiapas Mexico has accused him of cannibalism and is suing for $1 million dollars. Alvarenga was made famous in 2014 after spending 15 months adrift at sea in a small fishing boat. He set out for … [Read more...]

Update: Tow Line Secured to Adrift Cargo Ship Off British Columbia

Update: Late on Friday night the Canadian Coast Guard patrol vessel Gordon Reid secured a tow line to the adrift Russian cargo ship, MV Simushir, west of Haida Gwaii.  The Canadian Coast Guard Ship Sir Wilfred Laurier attempted unsuccessfully to secure a line to the vessel on Saturday. As of Saturday afternoon, the tug Barbara Foss has made up the tow "and is managing the … [Read more...]

U.K. Warns of Shipping Containers Lurking in English Channel

The U.K. Maritime and Coast Guard Agency is warning mariners to keep a close watch for shipping containers floating in the English Channel after hundreds of boxes fell from the deck of a Maersk cargo ship last week. An update Friday from the MCA has requested members of the public and ships to report any containers seen floating in or near the English Channel after the … [Read more...]