The Unwanted Ships: How to Lay-Up a Vessel

It is always a big financial decision to lay-up a vessel, and with market conditions these days it has become a more frequent occurrence, but how does it actually work and what does one need to take care of? To lay-up a vessel means to stop using it for a certain period. It will simply be anchored in appropriate waters. The reasons for lay-up might be to wait for a … [Read more...]

Havila Shipping Lays-Up Anchor Handling Tugs

  Norwegian offshore vessel owner Havila Shipping ASA says it has decided to lay up two anchor handling tugs (AHTS) amid weakened demand for offshore vessels driven by low oil prices. The vessels impacted are the Havila Mars and Havila Neptune. Havila Shipping says the lay ups will lead to layoffs for the crew of the vessels. "The decision is made as a consequence … [Read more...]