These First-Ever Photos of a Giant Squid are Incredible

These are the first ever photos captured of a live giant squid in its natural habitat. The photos are still images  taken from video captured back in July 2012 by a team of scientists aboard a submersible near the Ogasawara islands in Japan. More footage of the squid will air Jan. 27 on the Discovery Channel as part of the show Monster Squid: The Giant Is … [Read more...]

Monsters of the Deep

BBC News/Science is reporting: Monster warning to protect oceans The landing of a colossal squid by New Zealand fishermen earlier this year offered a rare glimpse into the mysterious world deep beneath the waves. Scientist Mark Norman uses this week's Green Room to argue that it also shows how marine life is being destroyed before it is understood. It is only the fourth … [Read more...]

Thousands of Jumbo Squid spotted near Long Beach

Fisherman have discovered thousands of Jumbo Squid off the Southern California coast this week. The site tells us: Thousands of Jumbo squid (Dosidicus gigas) squid are appearing off the coast of Southern California, according to published reports. Ventura County fishermen have caught hundreds of squid in recent days, according to the Associated … [Read more...]