ITF: CSL Australia Underpaying Foreign Crew of Bahamas-Flagged Vessel Operating in Australian Waters

An Australian shipping company has been accused of underpaying foreign crew aboard a Bahamas-flagged vessel operating in Australian waters on domestic routes. The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) said it inspected the CSL Australia's MV Diana in Melbourne and found the company is underpaying Filipino seafarers who are effectively operating full-time on the … [Read more...]

ITF: Another Worker Death Underscores ‘Atrocious Safety Record’ at Hutchison Terminal in Jakarta

Another worker has died in an accident at the Hutchison terminal in Jakarta, marking the fourth fatality in just the past 15 months at the terminal, the International Transport Workers’ Federation has reported. The incident is the latest to underscore the what the ITF described as an "atrocious" safety record at the Hutchison terminal. “We are shocked and alarmed by the … [Read more...]

ITF: Right Wing Anti-Immigration Group Dumps Ship’s Crew

The International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF) says it is assisting the crew of the vessel C Star, who have been abandoned and left unpaid by its charterers, the right-wing youth group Defend Europe, according to the ITF.  The ship, currently in Barcelona, Spain, has been at the centre of Defend Europe's "comic opera efforts" to block vessels rescuing refugees … [Read more...]

Hundreds Of “Noisy and Active” ITF Protesters Swamp Unifeeder HQ

By Mike Wackett (TheLoadstar) Dockworkers are planning a “noisy and active” protest outside the Aarhus headquarters of Europe’s largest feeder operator Unifeeder on Friday, part of a continent-wide campaign to halt the practice of ships’ crews lashing and unlashing containers in port. The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF), which is organising the … [Read more...]

ITF Warns of Privatization in Panama Canal Tugboat Fleet

The International Transport Workers' Federation has raised its concerns over the safety of the Panama Canal's new locks amid what it says is a growing threat of privatization within waterway operations. The ITF sounded the alarm during a top level meeting union leaders held in Panama last Friday. The global union federation is saying that the Panama Canal … [Read more...]