Gigantic Iceberg Breaks Off from Antarctica

A gigantic iceberg roughly half the size of Rhode Island has calved from an ice shelf in East Antarctica, scientists with the Australian Antarctic Division said this week.  The calving event took place last week, with the iceberg eventually separating from the ice shelf on September 26th.  Scientists have been watching the section nearly two decades, giving it … [Read more...]

Massive Iceberg Threatens Greenland Village

(Reuters) - An iceberg the size of a hill has drifted close to a tiny village on the western coast of Greenland, causing fear that it could swamp the settlement with a tsunami if it calves. The iceberg towers over houses on a promontory in the village of Innaarsuit but it is grounded and has not moved overnight, state broadcaster KNR reported. A danger zone close to the … [Read more...]

The Guy Who Raised the Costa Concordia Wants to Wrangle Icebergs to Help Cape Town’s Water Crisis

By Tanisha Heiberg JOHANNESBURG, April 30 (Reuters) - Marine salvage experts are floating a plan to tug icebergs from Antarctica to South Africa's drought-hit Cape Town to help solve the region's worst water shortage in a century. Salvage master Nick Sloane told Reuters he was looking for government and private investors for a scheme to guide huge chunks of ice across the … [Read more...]

NASA Scientists Get Up-Close Look at Massive Iceberg ‘Roughly the Size of Delaware’

A NASA aircraft on a mission to map polar ice in Antarctica got one of the first up-close looks at the massive iceberg that broke off from the Larsen C Ice Shelf this past July. The giant one trillion ton iceberg, known as A68, originally spanned an area of about 5,800 square km - roughly the same size as the U.S. state of Delaware.  It wasn't until recently that … [Read more...]

The High Price of Protecting Arctic Towns From Tsunamis and Icebergs

By Adam Popescu (Bloomberg) -- An island with a 3,893-foot granite mountain juts out of the icy ocean in Greenland’s Karrat Fjord. Beside icebergs the size of football fields lies the seaside village of Uummannaq, which served for centuries as an economic hub until it was abruptly wiped away. The area has been populated by Inuit people for about 5,000 years and became a … [Read more...]