New Report Debunks Jones Act Myths in Puerto Rico

Following Hurricane Maria's landfall in Puerto Rico last September, a number of media reports claimed that the Jones Act had severely damaged the Puerto Rican economy both over time and in the immediate aftermath of the storm. These claims were nothing new. For years even before the storm, the Jones Act, a nearly century-old law that requires goods shipped between U.S. ports … [Read more...]

Jones Act Shipping Companies Receive Humanitarian Award for Hurricane Maria Relief Effort in Puerto Rico

Jacksonville, Florida-based shipping company Crowley Maritime Corporation was among multiple Jones Act shipping companies to receive a Humanitarian Award from Seamen’s Church Institute (SCI) for their role in the relief effort in Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. The award, which was accepted on the behalf of the company’s Puerto Rico employees by Tom Crowley, … [Read more...]

Jones Act Fleet Continues to Ensure a Steady Flow of Supplies to Puerto Rico

This week marks six months since Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico as a powerful Category 4 hurricane, causing widespread damage to the U.S. territory the impacts of which are still being felt to this day. In the days, weeks and months after the storm, Jones Act ships participated in what FEMA has now called the "largest sea-bridge operation of federal disaster … [Read more...]

Pasha Hawaii’s Horizon Spirit Completes Hurricane Relief Deployment to Puerto Rico

Jones act carrier Pasha Hawaii says its vessel Horizon Spirit has returned to the U.S. west coast after completing its hurricane relief deployment to Puerto Rico in the aftermath Hurricane Maria hitting the U.S. island territory nearly five months ago. Since October 21, 2017, the Horizon Spirit had been re-deployed from the U.S. west coast to support fellow domestic carriers … [Read more...]

Family of El Faro Crew Member Delivers More Than 30,000 Pounds of Relief Goods to Puerto Rico

Family members of an El Faro's crew member who lost his life when the American cargo ship tragically sank in 2015 are being recognized for their effort to assist Puerto Ricans impacted by Hurricane Maria. In November 2017, Deb and Robin Roberts of Wilton, ME began a drive for relief goods in honor of their son Holland. Holland was one of 33 crew members who perished when the … [Read more...]