hurricane ian

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Ian Regains Hurricane Strength and Takes Aim at South Carolina

Ian has restrengthened into a hurricane and is forecast to take aim at Georgia and the Carolinas after leaving a path of destruction across Florida, the

September 29, 2022
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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Hurricane Ian Makes Landfall Packing 150 MPH Winds – Incredible Footage from Inside the Storm

Hurricane Ian made landfall Thursday at approximately 3:05 p.m. EDT near the island of Cayo Costa, Florida as an extremely dangerous Category 4 hurricane with

September 28, 2022
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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Latest Hurricane Ian Forecast is Bad News for Florida

The latest forecast from the NWS National Hurricane Center on Hurricane Ian paints an ominious picture for state of Florida. Hurricane Ian passed over Cuba

September 27, 2022
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Producers Shut In Wells as Ian Enters Gulf of Mexico

By Arathy Somasekhar HOUSTON, Sept 27 (Reuters) – About 11% of oil production in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico was shut on Tuesday as a powerful Hurricane

September 27, 2022
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Monday, September 26, 2022

Florida Braces for Hurricane Ian

By Shannon Stapleton and Brendan O’Brien TAMPA, Sept 26 (Reuters) – Residents across Florida scrambled to place sandbags around their

September 26, 2022
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