The History And Future Of Flotel Ships

In 1977 the JCE Group AB, founder of Consafe Offshore AB, built the world's first purpose built flotel semi-submersible, named Safe Astoria. Since that time, the best solution for short-term offshore accommodation consists of the use of these flotels next to the rig. But these semi- submersible flotels also present some disadvantages: High cost of acquisition. High operation … [Read more...]

DNV to issue new offshore technical guidance on offshore gas terminals

Rising demand for floating offshore gas terminals has resulted in the development of new technologies and specialised units, leading to a number of innovative design concepts. Based on DNV's extensive experience in this segment, the company has prepared a detailed design and construction guidance, scheduled to be released shortly. According to Conn Fagan, DNV's Business … [Read more...]

From Ship to Space – Rocket Platforms at Sea

Our favorite competitor in professional mariner news,, recently had an exceptional post on maritime technology used to launch rockets into space.  Having seen ships being used as a Hospital, University, Museum, promoting fashion, its time now to see a ship being used as a Platform to launch satellites. Sea Launch is preparing to launch a Zenit-3SL rocket with … [Read more...]